Our history

Our vision began in the early 2000s. Sholi Loewenthal registered humanityonline.org in 2004, after developing the idea for a platform where people around the world could discuss, problem solve and act on any issue. He then went to study sociology with politics, exploring the ideas of theorists like Parsons, Bourdieu, Foucault and Habermas, and writing undergrad and postgrad dissertations about the internet and the public sphere.

Whilst studying Sholi worked with community organisations in London building partnerships between government, business, charities and citizens. He also researched, prototyped and tested several platforms including an international peer mentoring network; a platform for businesses, community organisations and local residents to co-create volunteering projects; an interactive action-based student media initiative; and a platform to facilitate citizens around the world developing, selecting and implementing an annual global action initiative. In 2014, Humanity Online Ltd was incorporated and in 2015-2016 it raised 100k EURO seed funds from the EU FIWARE initiative to develop a prototype of engage.re.

Every organisation is trying to answer a question

Our question is whether the internet can truly augment the public sphere

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