about us

Humanity Online aims to harness a connected and multi-stakeholder approach to addressing local, regional or global issues - whether social, economic or environmental.

To facilitate this, Humanity Online is developing engage.re: an online platform for collaborations where individuals and organsations can pursue measurable goals in a collaborative way in order to increase efficiency and maximise impact in solving problems of mutual concern.

All Humanity Online activities are geared towards the betterment of our local and global communities.

our partners

Humanity Online is working with local, national and regional partners who play key roles in facilitating landscapes of change with regards to social, economic, cultural, political and environmental issues.

In particular, we are working with the European Commission's Future Internet initiatives: FI-WARE, a standardisation of data formatting on the basis of the open source NGSI specification and the parallel Open & Agile Smart City Global Initiative that links NGSI based technological solutions with cities across Europe and beyond who have signed up to pursue Smart City agendas.

Humanity Online's engage.re is an EU EC Future Internet supported project, funded via the FI-WARE SOUL-FI Accelerator, which aims to grow web-based, innovative solutions (open data and crowd sourced data) for smarter urban life of EU citizens.

If your organisation is facilitating landscapes of change and would like to explore working with us, please get in touch!

our values

Continuous learning: Knowledge and open-mindedness are keys to innovation and excellence

Open to collaboration: We collaborate with those who share our mission and values to achieve our mutual goals more effectively

Multi-stakeholder approach: Everyone relevant should be involved in delivering solutions that work for everybody affected

Positive change: All our work is aimed to help the public and private people to address societal and individual concerns

Constructive Outcomes: Our goals should only be achieved in a way that does not harm any party directly or indirectly

Data privacy is our number one priority: we will only store and use data where necessary, and with the express permission of the user

Trust & Respect: All perspectives are important - diversity makes us strong

Ethical business: Money is a means, not an end - we do not profit at the expense of our values